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Carta Para los Padres

Las clases del grupo A (Kindergarten hasta cuarto grado) comenzarán el miércoles 9 de septiembre de 5:45 p.m. a 6:15 p.m. Luego procederán a tener clases cada dos semanas desde ese punto hasta el 2 de diciembre.
Las clases del Grupo B (5 to grado hasta la confirmación) comenzarán el miércoles 16 de septiembre de 5:45 p.m. a 6:15 p.m. Tendrán clases cada dos semanas hasta el 9 de diciembre. Este será el horario para el primer semestre. Volveremos a evaluar durante las vacaciones de Navidad para determinar si podemos reanudar las clases normalmente, incluyendo las lecciones de una hora cada semana para cada grado.

If you have any questions, contact:
Si tienen cualquier pregunta, contacte porfavor:

Aaron Campbell: 319-430-9102
and Dr. Hannah Campbell: 319-541-0838

Religious Education Email:

Youth Group – Grupo de Jovenes​

Every Saturday night-
Cada Sabado en la noche

Teenagers 13 and up can come and join us!!
​A night filled with fun (Games, Prayer, Music).

There is so much to learn about our Faith. We need the youth for they are the future of our Great Church!!!!
​If you have any questions please contact

Jose Gonzalez
(319) 855-8053
​(classes are in English)

Adolecentes de 13 y adelante pueden venir!
Es una noche de diversion (juegos, oracion, muscia).
Hay mucho que aprender de nuestra fe. Necesitamos a los jovenes porque son el futuro de la Iglesia!!!!
Si tienen preguntas contacten a

Jose Gonzalez
(310) 855-8053
(Las clases son en Ingles)

*Parents Please read the Discipline Policy below:

Discipline Policy for all students grades K-12:

This policy will be enforced during all Religious Education classes and activities:

1st Disturbance: Verbal warning from Catechist.
2nd Disturbance: Student meets with Director of Religious Education who calls the student’s parents. 

Class Attendance Policy:

It is extremely important for your child to be in class.  If a student has to miss a class, the parents need to talk with the student’s Catechist and pick up the materials for the missed class to complete at home.  Parents please understand the importance child receiving a Sacrament such as First Communion or Confirmation can not miss class unexcused always have open communication with your child’s Catechist or Director of religious Ed. 

Parents Teaching a Religious Education Class:
Parents who are teaching a class will not pay the tuition for their own children to attend Religious Education classes.

Registrations must be received for attendance in class.
It is crucial that we have emergency contact information.  This must be filled out before the student is allowed in class.

If you have any questions, please contact

Aaron Campbell – 319-430-9102
and Dr. Hannah Campbell – 319-541-0838

Religious Education Email: